The great thing about the local church is that we are also part of a global church. One way we express this sense of belonging is through links we form with different people, projects and organisations committed to extending God’s kingdom locally, nationally and globally. We commit to support these through prayer, personal contact and financial giving.

Heather Clements leads the Mission Support Team.  You can contact her through the Church Office (the mission e-mail address is currently unavailable).

These 8 principles guide our decisions on mission support:

  • Mission support should be global as well as local (Global mission agencies; Global mission – specific projects; Local Mission)
  • It should be well directed (limited to key partners) but reflect diversity of projects and partners – both geographically and thematically.
  • Mission support should wherever possible be based on meaningful relationships.
  • It is essential that there should be a “champion” within the church who can act as a contact point for each mission partner & be responsible for regular updates/literature etc
  • Opportunities for mission feedback and input should be planned into the annual cycle of Sunday services.
  • To start with (2014) we will aim to give 10% of our income to our mission partners
  • Part of our mission giving should be set aside as a contingency fund – to be used to respond to emergency requests.
  • Part of our mission giving should be set aside as a fund to support any of our church members engaging in short term mission.

This Month’s Mission focus is Bible Society

Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life; to help people around the world engage with it, relate to it, and make sense of it for over 200 years. When individuals and communities engage with the Bible, lives can change – for good.

In the current Covid-19 crisis, when so many people around the world are experiencing much uncertainty, anxiety and suffering, we have heard many reports of people turning to the Bible (especially in China) for help and hope at this challenging time. Praise God that even in the midst of such a crisis God is working and people are turning to him.

Check out the Bible Society website for inspiring stories and relevant resources: www.biblesociety.org.uk

Please pray for the Bible Society of Eswatini that was visited by our Mission Representative, Heather Clement in August 2019:

Give thanks with us for the opening of the new children’s mission centre in eSwatini and pray for the lasting impact it can have throughout the whole country, reaching out to the most vulnerable in society.

The King will reply, ‘I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these members of my family, you did it for me!’ Matthew 25.40 (GNB)

29 March – 4 April Praise God for eSwatini’s new children’s mission centre and for the vision and passion of the team who helped create it.

Give thanks for the generosity and compassion of Raymond Welch-Bartram who left a gift in his will to help fund this new children’s mission centre. Give thanks for everyone who has remembered Bible Society in their will – because legacy gifts help pass God’s word on to future generations.

5 – 11 April  Pray for the thousands of children who will encounter God, through the Bible, at the mission centre. Pray that their young hearts and minds will be open, and they will experience God’s love and grace.

Pray for the team who are translating the Bible into sign language. Pray for good progress, for accuracy and vibrancy in their work, and for the deaf children who experience the Bible for the first time through these stories.

12 – 18 April Happy Easter! Christ is risen; He is risen indeed! Pray for the families of deaf children. Children with disabilities are stigmatised and often rejected in eSwatini society, so pray that families accept these young lives as a gift from God.

Pray for more resources to support projects like the SiSwati Study Bible, the first study Bible in the  local language. This is a vital resource for church leaders, particularly in rural areas where leaders have little training in biblical studies.

19 – 25 April Pray for Ngcebo Mbuli, leader of the Bible Society in eSwatini. Give thanks for his servant-hearted leadership, and for his dynamic young team. Ask God to help them transform eSwatini society through their witness and ministry.

Pray for eSwatini’s many widows and orphans, for whom life is unbearably tough. Pray they will find hope in God’s word.

26 April – 2 May Some 80 per cent of people in eSwatini are Christians. Pray that they will apply the Bible’s wisdom to every part of their lives, at work and at home, so that communities will be changed, for good.

Please pray regularly for all our Mission partners.

For more details on each partner and their specific prayer needs click the links below, and/or look at our Mission wall beside the door to the creche.

Global Mission:

Global Mission – specific projects:

  • Women Worker’s Training Centre, Tamil Nadu (S.India) – vocational & community development
  • Andrew & Maria Leake (CMS – N. Argentina) – land rights for indigenous people
  • The Jerusalem & the Middle East Church Association (JMECA) – medical work in Gaza and Egypt
  • The Sunflower Fellowship that funds Casa Valentin in Romania

Local Mission – through Churches Together Fleet & Crookham to include CAP; FACCTS; Town Centre Project (Fleet Angels); Hart Food Bank

Contingency fund

Short Term Mission Fund