Pastoral Care

Pastoral care can take many forms, sometimes it is about drawing alongside those who are going through difficulties or are in need, by offering them emotional and spiritual support.  It might be by listening, looking out for one another, caring, encouraging, befriending newcomers, praying or practically helping one another.  Sometimes, it is also about journeying and calling out the good in each other and helping people become more whole, mature and Christ like.   

At the Church on the Heath, our vision is that ‘everyone can encounter the transforming love of Jesus’ and that is why we believe that pastorally caring for each other is so important.  As we ‘do life together’ as a church family, we can all be involved and there are things we can all do.

Pastoral care at Church on the Heath happens in many ways but our main way is through our home groups that meet on a regular basis.  In this midweek setting, any needs in the different groups can be taken care of and people feel looked after.

We also like to welcome and follow up with new comers, helping them to become part of our church family and inviting them to events to connect with others.

Crisis times and difficulties can impact us all and sometimes by meeting with someone to talk, process and pray about things, can be helpful and we have a team of people available to provide support.

For further help or information please contact the Church Office on 01252 400236.