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Sermons (29)

The Council's Letter to Gentile Believer's
Acts 15:22-35 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Rev. Patrick Butler on 5th May 2019 (Sunday Evening).
The Council at Jerusalem
Acts 15:1-21 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by John Simpson on 28th April 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Barnabus and Paul's Mission
Acts 13:13-52 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Heather Clements on 24th March 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Herod's Death and Barnabus and Saul Sent Off
Acts 12:19-13:12 (Part of the Acts series).
mp4 file
Preached by "Yener" Yeneralski on 17th March 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Peter's Escape
Acts 12:1-19 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Jeremy Evans on 10th March 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Peter and Cornelius
Acts 10:23-11:18 (Part of the Acts series).
Adobe Acrobat
Preached by John Simpson on 24th February 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Aeneas and Dorcas
Acts 9:32-42 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Jason Riordan on 10th February 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Philip & the Ethiopian
Acts 8:26-40 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Rev. Betty Hayes on 13th January 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Simon the Sorcerer
Acts 8:9-25 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Rev. Patrick Butler on 6th January 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Stephen's Sermon 1
Acts 6:8-7:16 (Part of the Acts series).
Preached by Emma Phillips on 25th November 2018 (Sunday Evening).
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