Sunday “Live” at 10am

We’ll be holding two short (~40 mins) trial services in Church on Sunday mornings at 10am on 26th July and on 2nd August – before deciding what format these services might take from September.  Our online services will continue as they have done since March.

You will need to click here to book a ticket to reserve a seat at the live service in Church.

Sunday 26th July – this service will be something different, more contemplative, than our usual services.  We won’t be attempting to replicate what we used to do or what we do online now.  It will be largely spoken, with some music to listen to and using the sermon from the online service.  It will be about 40 minutes, so that you have time to go home and join Zoom coffee.

Sunday 2nd August – this service will be child and family friendly.  Watch out for more details next week.

During this time of easing lockdown, there are many precautions that we have taken to make the service safe and these are detailed here:

What should I expect to see?

The Church building will look a little different – we have moved the chairs and tables away from by the front door and have emptied the corridor.
The Main Worship Area has fewer chairs which are spaced in pairs at 2m and the windows will be open for ventilation.  Chairs etc. will all have been cleaned before the service.

The Bibles have been removed – you will need to bring your own with you.

You will find hand santiser at regular points, please use it when you arrive and at any other time that seems appropriate.

The Easy-Access toilet by the kitchen will be open; all other rooms will be closed.

There will be no access upstairs, except for staff and the tech team.

What will I be expected to do?

You will need to book a place on our online system here.
You will need to let us know how many will be in your household bubble so that we know how many seats to put together for you.

You will enter through the front door – please don’t be tempted to come in through any other door.
If many are arriving at the same time, please form a socially distanced queue
We will tick you off on a list so that we can save your name 21 days for “track & trace” – see privacy policy below – you may opt out of this when you book or when you arrive or at a later date by letting us know.

You may wear a mask if you would like to do so.

Stewards will direct you and will ensure that you know where the hand-sanitiser is placed.  Please use it when you arrive.

During the service, you may be invited to stand and join in some prayers or liturgy, but there will not be any singing.

The exit will be via another door.

Please do not attempt to socialise with others while in the church and respect 2m distancing at all times.

Is it safe for me to come?

We have done our best to make the building and service as safe as possible.

You will need to make your own assessment of risk – the form below is one scheme suggested by the URC, one of our partner churches.

A total score under 3 indicates lower risk – follow government guidance for staying safe
A total score of 3 – 5 indictes a greater risk and you should consider additional precautions and avoid some activities
A total score of 6 or more suggests high risk and indicates that you should stay safe by continuing to participate in church life from home

Risk Factor   Score
Age 50 – 59 1
  60 – 69 2
  70 – 79 4
  80 and over 6
Sex at Birth Female 0
  Male 1
Ethnicity White European Descent 0
  Black African Descent 2
  Indian Asian Descent 1
  Filipino Descent 1
  Other (including mixed race) 1
Diabetes & Obesity Type 1 & 2 1
  Diabetes type 1 & 2 with presence of microvascular complications or HbA1c >= 64mmol/mol 2
  BMI >= 35 kg/m2 online BMI calculator here 1
Cardiovascular Disease Angina, previous heart attack, stroke or cardiac intervention 1
  Heart failure 2
Pulmonary (lung) Disease Asthma 1
  Non-asthma chronic pulmonary disease 2
  Either of the above requiring oral corticosteroids in the last year 1
Malignant Neoplasm (cancer) Active malignancy 3
  Malignancy in remission 1
Rheumatological Conditions Active treated conditions 2
Immuno-Suppresant Therapies Any indication 2
Total Score    
Privacy Notice for Track & Trace

You can view our privacy notice for the use of your data during the COVID-19 pandemic for the purpose of NHS Track & Trace by clicking here.